2nd to 4th Day of the big WA trip

Aug 7, 2017, 7:08:41 PM

4 August to 6 August 2017

 Day 2 was pretty uneventful on the road to Broken Hill. Stopped at BH for some supplies (read beer) and then on the road to Peterborough. Got to Oarly which is a blip on the map with a pub(sort of) and a rest area with facilities so we stopped and set up for the night. Rain was starting to close in and the wind was howling . Well we thought looking at the front entrance to the pub which said “open and warm log fire” we will duck over there and watch the swannies play The Cats. Problem was the door was locked and there was no sign of life anywhere. Plan 2. Early dinner and early to bed and read. And watch the scores on the app. At least we had one bar phone reception.

 At about 6pm a semi and pilot truck pulled up. The lady who was driving the pilot van came over for a yarn. I asked where she was from “ no fixed address” she replied.  Although I do own a house in Perth.  Turns out she and her husband are on the road all the time with him driving the semi with her the pilot warning vehicle as there specialise in long or over wide loads.

 As soon as we were snug in bed suddenly the pub lights went on and two trucks pulled up with the occupants disappearing into the pub. We were snug and warm and it was bloody cold so we stayed put . Anyway the night was not a waste of time as the Swannies won.

We slept ok despite some road and train noise as the stop was between the Barrier highway and the main western rail line. 

We were up before dawn next morning to a minus 2 temperature and the wind. Quick breakfast and on the road to Port Augusta. That trip was also uneventful as we had spend four days there two years ago so we just filled up with diesel and the up the Sturt Highway to Woomera where we arrived just after 3.30pm. Stayed at the caravan park which though basic was clean and comfortable and two beers cost $7. What more do you want.

We are now on the road to Coober Pedy where we will stay tonight before we head to Alice where the real adventure begins.

As we are driving along these treeless stone filled plains commenting how barren it is suddenly there is a sign saying photo opportunity. We pull up and there in the distance is Lake Hart. I only know that because Facebook told me.

Well Facebook was wrong as we has just come to Lake Hart which is a massive salt lake. The other Lake was Island Lagoon. Pays to check the Hema maps.

Finally arrived in Coober Pedy at about 3.30pm and booked into the Big 4 Caravan Park. We heard that they had great Pizzas.

Well what a great place. Everything you need and a camp kitchen that was huge and had every home facility including top of the range stove and oven. We had pizza for dinner and it was great but my eyes were bigger than my tummy when I ordered a large.  In the morning we are going out to see the Breakaways so won’t make Alice tomorrow. We did a drive around Coober Pedy and it was a jumble of a place. White Clifffs was far more interesting. While sitting in the sum sucking on a beer the cops came around and asked us to ensure we locked everything up. They were having trouble with young kids watching the caravans and when someone went to the toilet ducking in and stealing what they could get. We took the advise and had no issues.