Day 8 and 9.

Aug 11, 2017, 7:54:00 PM

Thursday and Friday 10 , and 11. August 2017 




Got away from Tilmouth Wells at about 8.30m for the long hall to Halls Creek, although we know we won’t make it in one day and will have to bush camp along the way. We might make Wolfe Creek but I doubt 



The road out of Tilmouth is sealed for about 80klms so the first part was easy going. After that it is dirt and corrugations but when we got to the dirt bit  it was in fairly good condition and we were able to sit on 80klms an hour. We stopped at the settlement at Yuendumu. To have a look at the cultural centre and art work. Unfortunately it was closed. This town is home of the Bush  Mechanics made famous by the ABC show. I believe they have made a new series but it hasn't aired yet. The town also had mobile phone coverage so I was able to update our position on exploroz’s map tracking site and check in on Facebook.



Returning to the Tanamai we dropped our tyre pressures down to make the ride easier over the corrugations.


The rest of the day was uneventful and the scenery is not much to write home about. At about 4pm we decide we had better start  looking for a spot to camp 



then I noticed the sun was still high in the sky.   We crossed the border and gained 1 1/2 hours. At about then 599 Klms mark we found a little layback that's had been used to gather gravel for the road so drove in and set up. Also emptying our jerry cans into the tank. 


It was a lovely peaceful camp but as soon as we had dinner we were into bed as we had been on the road for 9 hours. 




Well early to bed early to rise and we were on the road at 7.30am. Again fairly uninteresting scenery, more of the same. However there was a highlight when we had to give way to a big brown snake crossing the road. The amazing thing about these creatures is how quickly it turned when it sensed the movement of our vehicle. We then arrived at the turnoff to Wolfe Creek. Turning in it was 18klms to the crater. Very stunning but when you have been to the Breakaways it can be a bit ho hum but something else to tick off the bucket list. 

Today as Louise is driving I was able to pair through Airdrop the iPad and iPhone so I can place photos in the blog. These are iPhone photos so not hi resolution. To night when are at Halls  Creek I hope to down load the photos (some 600) from the Nikon’s.


One thing we have noticed is how much warmer it has become. Last night it was sheet only and a blanket pulled up in the early hours. Today is very warm most probably around 35 degrees so I think for the next few weeks it will shorts tee shirts and thongs. We don't miss Bleakheath.


After booking into the caravan park we went out to the China Wall. It is a quartz rock structure made by nature. The photo below will give you an idea why it is called that.


 Act really posting this I have found that the blog does not allOw photos so I will upload them onto the websits and you can have a look in there. The gallery will be called th e Kimberley's.