Day One

Aug 7, 2017, 5:59:41 PM

Thursday 3 August.

Well the day has finally arrived. Up e a rly to finish the packing, move a tree (don't ask) and get on the road.

We were meant to leave the previous Sunday, but with me getting the flu during the move to Scone saw the leave date being put back and back.


 As well well had an issue with our Patrol after an exhaust gas temperature monitor was installed which was showing unbelievably high temperatures when doing 100klm an hour. A visit to Nissan led to a suggestion that we get the Vehicle onto a dyno and check the motor out as it was a new vehicle with only 12000ks on the clock and things did not look right.  So on Wednesday after some twisting of arms of  DieselCare Tamworth they agreed as a special favour to look at the truck on  Wednesday  and fully check things out for us. Turns out the Redark gauge was faulty that was doing my head in as it was over  200degrees over in its readout. That wasn't $500 well spent. I will be having some discussion with them about the gauge not being fit for purpose. Anyway while at DieselCare we had a Steinbauer chip unit installed which has made towing the Tvan a breeze. After the first 800 kilometres i can say with certainty it was money well spent. Wayne at Diesel care was a champion and wears very grateful for his help. Highly recommend him.


The drive to Cobar was fairly uneventful except for good Steady rain between Gilgandra to just past Nyngan. However it came back with a vengeance at about 6pm with gale force winds just as we were preparing dinner. And it was freezing. Luckily we had got a powered site so connected up our little heater and we were snug and warm in our tvan. We don't the miss tenting.


We were up early after a very comfortable night and got away from Cobar by 9.00am. Bit slow for the first packup but will  improve as we sort things out.

Today we head for Broken Hill and then down to Peterborough. I don't know how far we will get but will only pass through BH as we had to spend a week there a couple of years ago. We may free camp along the road tonight.

I'm writing this while Louise is driving and she keeps hitting bumps so excuse the spelling and punctuation. We also have he iPod going with our extensive collection of 80’s music ….. rocking while we roll.


I suppose that what being a grey nomad is all about. Anyway until the next post all enjoy working as we are enjoying the country of the free.